Baltimore Red Line Field Studies Video Series

The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) has been conducting field studies for the proposed Red Line Project to understand the existing conditions in the Red Line Corridor. Since the project received the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) approval to enter Preliminary Engineering (PE) in June 2011, the project moved forward with more detailed studies that would provide important information for the PE Phase. PE is the phase of the Red Line project where detailed project design begins, conceptual utility relocations are finalized, and environmental studies are completed. Engineers and technicians will explore subsurface soil, rock and groundwater conditions; collect survey data; locate existing utilities; measure existing vibration and noise levels; monitor air quality; examine road conditions; and evaluate historical/cultural features and natural resources. Some of these studies will occur in the public right of way, causing minor impacts to traffic and pedestrian pattern. Other studies will take place on private property and will require the MTA to contact the affected property owners.

To learn more about the various field studies that are taking place along the project corridor, please view the following Field Work Video Series. Each video in the series highlights one of the various technical disciplines of the PE field studies. The disciplines covered include: Cultural Resources, GeoTech, Natural Resources, Noise & Vibration, and Survey. The videos are meant to inform and to educate viewers about the purpose of the studies, the methods and tools of conducting the research, and how the data is being used by the project team. Enjoy!