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A light rail transit line that
will connect Woodlawn
in Baltimore County, the
Edmondson Village,
West Baltimore, downtown Baltimore, Harbor East,
Fell’s Point and Canton communities, and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in east Baltimore

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The Red Line is a proposed Light Rail transit project that will create the Baltimore region's first east-west rapid transit connection between west Baltimore County and east Baltimore City, connecting the areas of Woodlawn, Edmondson Village, West Baltimore, Downtown, Harbor East, Fells Point, Canton and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Campus. The Red Line could transform travel in the click here cialis gel corridor with faster, more reliable service to the region’s job and entertainment centers as well as existing bus and rail services.

The Red Line will travel 14.1 miles between west Baltimore County and east Baltimore City, stopping at 19 proposed stations listed below. In addition to serving downtown Baltimore, the line will also reach key Baltimore institutions like the Social Security Administration, University of Maryland at Baltimore and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Campus, as well as local attractions such as the Inner Harbor, Gwynn Falls Trails, the historic communities of search levitra'>search levitra West Baltimore, as well as the historic Fells Point community.


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New Red Line Video

red_line_video_2010A new video simulation showing the the best place guaranteed cheapest viagra route and the best choice best levitra prices operation of the Red Line on the east side is now available online. The 12-minute video shows how the Red Line will travel from downtown through Harbor East, Canton and Fells Point to next day levitra the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campus. View the videos for all three major segments of the Red Line, including the west side and downtown